Black EPDM Rubber Elbow 45 - TRL Series

Molded from high temperature black EPDM rubber with a smooth bore and cover; (elbows of 6" ID or bigger have molded reinforcing ribs). These elbows have excellent resistance to ozone, salt water, diesel fumes and splash, cold, heat, and aging.  Black EPDM Rubber Elbows are flexible and allow for tighter connections and mis-alignments (they can be 44 or 46 degrees). They also help reduce unwanted noise and give a smooth flow for the exhaust. It is recommended that 2 stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps be used at each end of the connection. You can also order these with the correct clamps as a kit to ensure that you have the right parts when you install them.


Sizes: 3" to 10", 76.2 mm to 254 mm
Material: Black High Temp EPDM Rubber
Temperature range: 250°F (121°C) .
Exceeds (SAE J2006-R1, and ABYC & NMMA P-1) exhaust standards.
5 Year Warranty.

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