Damesa Mikalor’s range of worm-drive hose clamps and Supra bolt clamps are made in Spain. Both types are made of stainless steel.

The worm drive hose clamps have an advanced design that delivers high strength and good clamping pressure. The band thread that engages the worm drive is cold-formed stamped, which means the band is not perforated or weakened. The band is smooth on the underside and the edges are bevelled so that the hose is not damaged when the clamp is tightened. The worm drive clamps are available in two band widths (9mm and 12mm), and sizes vary from 8mm diameter up to 180mm diameter.

The Supra bolt clamps provide high pressure clamping, and they can be mounted in awkward positions without having to remove the hose. They have a captured, swivelling bridge that enables the clamp to be opened and closed again without losing or dislodging any parts that make up the clamping mechanism. The band is bevelled, and they are between 18mm and 28mm wide.

GMS Store sells a large selection of Mikalor clamps. There are non-perforated 9mm and 12mm wide worm drive hose clamps from 8-16mm size up to 160-180mm size. There is also bolt type hose clamps from 21-23mm size up to 240-252mm size.