Trident Rubber (USA) has manufactured marine hose for over 30 years.

The Trident brand is recognised, and requested, in the marine sector because it assures high-quality and long term reliability.

In many instances, Trident has class approvals (Lloyds, ABYC, USCG, CE and SAE), which makes it acceptable to commercial marine surveyors, and reassures private boat owners it is a long-lasting product that is entirely fit-for-purpose.

Each type of hose (exhaust, saltwater, sanitation, fuel, potable water) is manufactured to suit its specific purpose; the temperature of the fluid flowing through it, any corrosive by-products the may be present (such as exhaust gases), and to counter operational issues that occur during use (such as odour permeation in a sanitation system).

  • GMS Store holds extensive stocks of Trident marine hose; in sizes from ¼" to 15" diameter, available in PVC, rubber or silicon. The hose is suitable for applications such as exhaust, salt water, sanitation, fuel, potable water, coolant and more.
  • GMS Store also stocks a range of single and double hump hoses in various grades (HT & VHT), 90° elbows, 45° elbows and reducing hump hoses.
  • A range of Trident constant torque clamps and bolt clamps are kept in store to compliment the Trident range.